Friday, November 4, 2011


Well, not technically, but they were apparently listening to our archeology lesson at the beginning of the year...  When we chose our curriculum, I'd read wonderful reviews about how the children would create impromptu imaginary play extensions from their subject matter.  So I've been waiting for it to happen with us...

Recently, they met a little friend somewhere and played some kind of game about pharaohs.  Someone would be the Sphinx and "guard" the pyramid, and that game lasted for quite a while.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of that game, nor did I understand the object or rules of the game.  But they had a fantastic time.

This week, I caught them all outside, digging with tiny spoons, small butter knives, and paint brushes.  They started marking off sections they'd already "dug."  We got our our "Archaeologists Dig for Clues" book and tried to find other household items for them to use on their dig.  They were after dinosaur bones...imagine that.  Ethan would draw dinosaur outlines for them to discover.  This went on for hours one afternoon with nary an argument.  It was great!