Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

My Dearest Hannah,

I asked you if you were excited about your birthday coming up and you grinned from ear to ear and said, "Yes.  I'm just a little bit three now!  I'm almost four and I can't wait to be five!"  This is a big change from last year when you did not want a birthday.  At. All.  You preferred to ignore your big day and proceeded to burst into tears anytime someone wished you a happy day. 

I love to hear you chitter chatter away about any little thing that is in your mind.  One day, I'm sure I'll be glad not to have to guess what you're thinking.  You're rarely quiet,  but in a good way.  Sort of. 

Your personality has been peeking through as you've grown older this year.  You want to do school like your big brothers.  You want to read and will sit through reading lessons, and you want to write and will sit for me to teach you.  You enjoy learning, and soak up everything  like a sponge.  When we begin our school day, I often find you gathering sight word cards, pencils, and as many purple crayons as you can find.  You'll gather paper and go find somewhere to sit, quietly, to "do school."

You are crazy about getting together with other little girls for "girl parties," and since we got home from visiting your cousins, you and Grace have thrown countless tea parties.  You are very much a little girl who likes to do things by herself, and I love to watch you learn.  All of you kids like to get into the kitchen to help me cook, but you, my girl, take the cake!  If I ever forget to call you to come crack my eggs, I am in t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

You're tenderhearted and love your family.  And you still run to hug your brothers after their karate class because it's been 45 whole minutes since you got to be near them.  I've begun to find you and Ethan sitting together, and you're listening to one of his stories.  I've found you playing blocks with Daniel.  And I've found you playing Mommy with Grace.  You asked me if it would be okay if you married Daddy, and I told you I was already married to him but that we'd help you find a good man to marry.  Smiles and hugs.  You have a precious heart.  A sweet spirit about you.

Your shyness and rottenness only comes out when we get around people we don't spend a lot of time with. Thus...the look.  I promise...this look has got to go...It ain't becomin', sister.

This year, we got our hair cut together, and you had a great time.  Then, two weeks later, you cut the rest of it off and immediately wanted it back on your head and cried anytime someone told you how pretty it looked.  It was such a drastic change in appearance, but you are still a beautiful girl!  Just beautiful!  You remind me often that you want it to grow out, and I assure that it already is and that we always let mommy or the stylist cut our hair.  You nod emphatically, and then you go tell Grace that only mommy or the stylist are supposed to cut hair.  Mainly because Grace is the only one smaller than you that you can pass all your wisdom to. 

I'm so thankful to be your mother.  So thankful that God blessed me to have the opportunity to love you!


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Shannon King said...

This is so incredibly sweet! she sounds a lot like Cara! You brought tears to my eyes.