Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days

Sunday night, the radar said we were supposed to be getting snow, and there was nothing... nothing... nothing.  Then, around 8:00 or 9:00, we heard it.  Snow and ice were coming down, and they were sticking immediately.  Deron's office has been closed for three days, but he's put in just as many hours from home as he puts in when he goes into the office. 
It snowed all night and into the morning hours.  We got almost eight inches!  And it was beautiful on Monday.  Now, it has mixed with our red, Georgia clay, and it's not as pretty.  Last year we got about six inches, but I don't know if I've ever seen so much snow.  It came up my leg when I stepped down into it.

We spent Monday having snowball fights, thawing out, making snow castles, thawing out, sliding down the snow, and thawing out.  I'm not made for this cold weather.  I've had enough of it. :-)  I did let the kids take off school Monday except for devotionals, but we did our school lessons yesterday. We made our own little sled of sorts, and it was so fun going down the hill in our front yard except for the ice layer on top of the snow.  It's almost razor-ish without mittens.

It was especially beautiful before we all tramped around in it.  And even with the tramping, the front yard is beautiful, but the backyard is where we send our dogs.  There's yellow snow everywhere...among other things.  And Beau acts like he wants to go out, and then, he takes one look at the icy deck and carries himself back into the garage.  Deron has had to pick him up and make him go out.

If you've been in our neighborhood, you know that we are technically snowed in.  Our roads are at a fairly steep incline, so we might could get out if there was an emergency, but we couldn't get back in.  I've seen a few idiots curious people sliding driving around our neighborhood and one guy on a motorcycle.  I saw one neighbor leave yesterday morning, and his vehicle hasn't come back.  The temperatures aren't supposed to get above freezing for a few more days, so even if some snow melts on the roads, it will turn back into ice overnight.  Dangerous.

I stay at home and homeschool my kids all the time and enjoy it, so the only thing that is difficult for me is not having the option to go anywhere.  We normally go to karate class, the library, the store, the bank, the post office...routine places, but places nonetheless.  We get out of the house, a little each week, and not being able to go anywhere is giving everyone cabin fever.  We are so spoiled, I must say... :-)

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