Thursday, June 9, 2011

The essence of summer

I love summer!  We've been going to swimming lessons for the past week, and the kids have made impressive strides.  The boys were backstroking across the deep end yesterday, and the girls are jumping in the deep end. (Well...Grace is jumping in over her head!)  Grace needs help to get to the side, but Hannah has decided she wants to be a mermaid when she grows up! 

The first day, they were nervous.  And the boys still get nervous about going in the deep end, but they can do it.  Now, they are starting to "dive" off the board.

Hannah is so cute.  When it comes time for them to jump in off the side of the pool and her instructor asks who wants to go next, she stands in line with her hand up.  She'll take her turn, return to the line, and shoot her arm in the air until he lets her go again.  She doesn't just put her arm up in the air.  She holds it as high as she can and wiggles her fingers in anticipation.  She grins and gives her instructor the biggest hugs.   

It's been two weeks of wonderful progress.  I am so proud of each of them.

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