Monday, June 6, 2011

Spring 2011- March

What a wonderful spring it has been!  Technically, it's not summer yet.  I know the temperatures can be deceiving, but alas, we have two weeks of spring left.  My mother informed me that facebook had killed my blog.  She's right.  She told me I needed to write stuff down or else I'll forget.  She's right about that too. 

I want to try and revive my thought process here and recap our spring...

This past March was a whirlwind of activity with play practices filling up our weeks.  All four of the children participated in our homeschooling co-op's spring play.  Well, Grace wouldn't do anything during the actual performance, but Hannah, Daniel, and Ethan did a wonderful job in their roles!  Robin Hood was a success, and the children's acting debut was a hit.  Opening night was March 31st, and we had a second performance April 1st.  I was very thankful for the older children who helped my younger guys.  They were very nervous and having some of the older young men and young ladies encourage them helped immensely. 

I'll tell ya though...It was fun, but we were tired by the end.  Everyone was tired! 

March also brought about yard work.  A lot of yard work. All the snow and rain we got last year killed our grass and turned parts of our backyard into mud.  Even when it was "dry," it wasn't.  Drainage was a problem, and erosion had become a problem on the hill. Like we could see tree roots kind of problem. So we put out a rock patio, mulch, and three terrace levels on the hill.  We've planted creeping plants, flowers, and transplanted bulbs to help with erosion.  It looks beautiful, too. 

We also had to have new gutters installed and a small roof repair job done, but since then, we haven't had one leak!!  Our fridge died, too.  Like seriously died, and we had to get a new one. {tear} 

The boys tested into their next belts at karate.  Ethan advanced to brown, and Daniel advanced to blue.  It was difficult, but they didn't quit.  They tried and tried again which I'm more proud about than the actual advancement of their rank.  Hannah and Grace made friends with a couple of other little sisters at karate, and they look forward to karate more than the boys...seriously...

We traveled to South Georgia to spend time with family and participate in field day with friends and family from that area.  It was so nice to visit.  Then, we had my sister and brother-in-law and their little boy come spend some time with us before they had to head off to Colorado (which we are SO going to visit before their time there is over).

That about wraps it up for March.

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I am looking forward to April and May!