Thursday, September 8, 2011

Grace - My Sweetheart!

Monday, as the leaves began to fall, Grace began to scold the trees for making such a big mess... 

She's my helper-girl, but her idea of cleaning up means to get everything off the floor and put it on something.  Often, I'll walk into her room to find that she's "cleaned up," a.k.a. put everything that was on the floor onto her bed.Grace likes to sing. She'll sing about anything but mainly about all the things she likes.  Apple juice, milk, cheese crackers... oh, and chocolate.  She's a girl after my own heart, that one.  She likes to race up and down the hill in our front yard but has no concept of winning or losing because she declares herself the winner every. single. time.  She also cheats by starting the race before anyone else can get started, but her itty bitty legs travel so much slower.  I think Ethan's legs are as long as she is tall.  She really doesn't stand a chance.  Poor thing.  It doesn't hurt her feelings since she thinks she's still winning.{happy sigh}

And for my husband--who asked for me to post this:

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