Friday, October 7, 2011

Trip to the Dentist

Grace did have the tooth pulled back on October 6th.  There was no way we could wait until the following 11th.  She'd been doing great, but Wednesday she started complaining again.  Thursday morning, she was in pain.  I was sure it was getting infected again, so they were able to work her in that afternoon.

Taking it out was an awful experience.  She wouldn't inhale any nitrous oxide, so she was completely aware of everything.  The spot was numbed, of course, but she knew what was going on.  She screamed and fought the whole time.  I was in a nearby room and could hear her being strapped onto the board.  I was about to cry as hard as she was.  I think if they had worked with her a little longer, she would have taken some of the gas.  That kind of irritated me.  She wanted me to drive home while I was holding her, so buckling her into her carseat was quite an ordeal.

We aren't used to any kind of commotion, and she's not used to being subjected to that kind of situation.  When she finally calmed down, I asked her if it hurt, and she said, "No.  It scared me."

I kept expecting her to feel bad and sore, and she may have been a little sore.  But she said it felt better after they took it out.  So she made the connection that they did help her.  Traumatic though it was.  

Here's to hoping she isn't completely, crazy-terrified of dentists for the rest of her days!

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