Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Split personality

Grace can be hilarious and talkative.  She plays and runs around singing and making up games and stories.  She has an amazing sense of humor.  Throughout the Christmas season, she came up with all sorts of ideas about Santa, and she made up several songs about Santa Cwaus coming to town.  Even now, after she's been told to stay in bed, she needs to quickly find out how many days til Christmas before she can go to sleep.

But...she will clam up like none of the others.  I mean she'll turn silent.  She won't always look up or speak, and some people have actually expressed concern for her development.

I am not concerned.  Not one iota.  She. is. fine.  We're just working on her manners...

"Mawy had a wittle ham, wittle ham, wittle ham.  Mawy had a wittle ham, some bacon and some eggs."  Love this little sweetie...

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