Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ethan!

To my amazing firstborn,

Ethan, you have grown up so much in the last year.  One year away from double digits with feet almost as big as mine. Sometimes, I even “borrow” your socks.  And height…you’re so tall and broad.  You’re growing like a weed, and I know it won’t be long before I’m looking up to you.

But even while I watch you grow into the young man that God would have you to be, I can still see you curled up in my arms. An eight pound little miracle blessing, sleeping peacefully. How the last nine years have flown by!
You’ve completed third grade and, miraculously, have decided that reading is your favorite subject and that long division is completely unnecessary for your adult life. Right?  You love science and all things nature related.  Anything that takes you outside is good, and you’ve learned how to make anything into a lesson. I can hear your voice as you catch frogs and find snake skins.  “That’s schoolish. Right, Mom?”
You are a huge help around the house and really want to please people. Some days it seems as if you want to be in the midst of the younger children, but other days, you want to be hanging out with the adults.  There's a part of you that is longing to grow up.
You care about your siblings in a very special way, and I’m thankful you all like each other.   I know you love one another, but I’m grateful that you like each other…most of the time!
You are a precious child and I am thankful to be your mom.
I love you so much, Ethan!

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