Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Backyard Congo

Ethan bought Grace a small pool for her birthday.  An expensive pool.  He spent $20.00 on that pool, and they turned it into a boat for our bigger pool. 

The pools are now a part of the imaginary backyard Congo.  They have a toy alligator that they throw in the water and “catch.”  My two longest towels have turned into anacondas that they capture, repeatedly.  They wrap their anaconda towels around their bodies and allow themselves to be "constricted."  Then, another kiddo rescues the victim and pulls them into the boat.

I wonder if I need to be concerned… Daniel alternates using a Swamp People accent and an Australian accent down in the Congo, so I know one thing.

We need to work on geography but not their ability to use their fantastical imagination.

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