Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Colorado: Family Vacation 2012

September 9 marked the children's first plane ride.  We flew out to Colorado Springs to visit family and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience for two amazing weeks.  It was a wonderful break from the norm!  The kids were psyched, and their excitement was contagious.  I was excited because they were excited.  Fall is well underway out there.  I missed seeing red leaves mixed with their yellow and orange ones, but the landscape and scenery encouraged me to pull out my fall decor as soon as we got home. Heading down from Pike's Peak.  Hannah fell asleep on the way down because the sudden increase in elevation, 14,110 feet up, was too much for her system.  

Taken while I was trying NOT to look out the window to our impending doom! The bicyclists skeered me a little bit... a lot!  That black shadow in the background is the shadow of a cloud.  Awesome doesn't begin to describe it!

I took several hundred pictures.  Digital photography is great.  Such instant gratification.  Now, I need to go back through all the pictures and choose a few to share.  We went almost everywhere, and it just occurred to me that we never went back to the candy shop where they made the most amazing peanut butter cups.  They were more like peanut butter cupcakes.  They were huge!
US Olympic Training Center...although most athletes were at home recovering, I assume.

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