Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ethan: Growth of an Oldest Child

Ethan is nine years old...nine and a half almost.  He's in this stage of really growing, and I'm not just talking about his height.

(Although the pediatrician said if he continues at the rate he's growing now, he'll be a good 6'3" or 6'4".  His feet are as big as mine, and I'm pretty sure he'll be one of the kids whose body will eventually have to catch up with his shoe size.)

But I'm talking about his person.  It seems like we've entered a stage where he is part boy turning into part young man.  I think it's hard on him.  He's my one who would much rather be where the adults are talking than where the kids are playing.  My sister-in-law told me not to worry.  He'd be an adult a lot longer than he'd be a kid.

He's my one with the idea that he can play around and pick on his siblings, but nobody else can.  He's my one who will drop everything to help his sister who is deathly afraid of spiders, all while trying not to laugh at her incessant, blood-curdling screams.

He's my one who works very methodically.  He does a great job at the things I ask him to do, but he takes his time.  That little trait sorta drives me batty, but I desperately want to be the mom he needs me to be.

So for now, as he grows, I purpose to:

Be there for him.

Listen to him.

Not compare him to anyone else.

Help him however I can.

Love him.

Pray for him. Always.

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