Monday, December 16, 2013

A Blessing in Disguise

My kids have been getting sick.  Coughing, fever, runny noses.  The whole bit.  I think it may be flu-like, but it doesn't seem quite as bad as some other people I've seen that have had the knock down, drag out, losing weight, can barely move flu.

Daniel started the Friday after Thanksgiving and was sick with high fevers for several days.  He still has a cough but doesn't act like he feels poorly at all.

Grace has been running a fever since the last Thursday and cannot shake it.  She's responding well to medicine and acts fine part of the day.  Then, she begins to wilt.  Her eyes start to water and I can tell her fever is back.  Hannah joined her last night coughing and running a fever.

Ethan sounds like he's coughing out a lung.  The drainage is driving the poor boy crazy!  He took a 2 1/2 hour nap yesterday, and that's not like him.  He is ten years old and does not nap...ever.

However, they all needed me nearby.  Sweet Grace wanted to sit in my lap and watch a movie.  Hannah wanted to cuddle up next to me and just sit holding my hand.  Even Daniel enjoyed having full reign of the remote and having my full attention.  Ethan just enjoyed talking to me and having me really listen to him.

They needed me and they reminded me how important it is to focus on them.  How important it is NOT to be distracted.  They are valued and more important than so many things, devices, phones, screens that seem to pull our attention elsewhere.

I've enjoyed being the mom-nurse.  Coddling and caring for them.  Letting them feel better naturally...not pumping them with meds and expecting them to carry on as if they're not sick.  They do need meds to feel better. But they also need naps, juice, and laying around watching movies, listening to me read stories.  They need love and focused attention.  They need me.

I am prayerful that they will feel better quicker if we keep a slower pace and if I focus on helping them.

Christmas is coming and I want them all well and in tip-top  shape!

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