Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Co-op: A New Adventure

This year, we decided to do something a little new in our homeschool.  We've played with the idea for a couple of years, and since Grace was old enough, we started participating in a nontraditional co-op.  It's nontraditional in that I am not a full time participant. I volunteer on a regular basis, but I can drop them off with trusted instructors and take a little break, drink a cup of coffee, whatever...

The kids take four classes each and are gone for four hours.  The first time I left them was a weird feeling.  I've never left them with anyone in that type of setting. I am really enjoying being able to gather them up and ask about their day.  It pulls the pressure off a little bit.  And for a few hours each week (if I'm not volunteering), I am able to come back to myself since the constant demands of being at home full time and homeschooling can be overwhelming.

Ethan and Daniel are participating in a boys' book club and taking PE together.  Ethan also takes Spanish and sign language.  Daniel is enjoying chemistry/physics and drums.  The girls are taking art, geography, ballet, and sign language.  At the end of each semester, the instructors put on a fantastic family night where all artwork and projects are on display.  Ballet and music recitals are held. Drama and musical theater students perform. It's been a true blessing for our family.  There are several other classes I'd like for them to take, and if we do this again next year, we'll add in the rest of the day.  Co-op has contributed to this being our best year of homeschooling, yet.

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