Thursday, February 13, 2014

Glance at our week

My poor kids asked if the public school kids were out of school today.  I told them that school had been cancelled for public school kids but that they had to make up days and all of that kinda stuff.  However, we can continue through this weather, finish our year before June, and enjoy summer break a little early...  That sentiment was met with understanding.  The thought of summer break was enough to inspire them not give me grief over not getting another snow day.  It was ice yesterday...not fun or safe to play in.  I let them out for a little while, but it made me nervous to let them out for long.  Co-op was cancelled again.  Our roads are completely iced over, and I'm  not sure when they will thaw.  The ice packed down and is incredibly solid.  This morning there's a fresh layer of snow on top of the ice, and the ground is beautiful.  It's completely grass or red clay showing through.
Missy prissy has grown.  You can see the back of her neck where Grace cut her fur... I have no idea what possessed her to do that.

Daniel and Grace working on the Ben Franklin display board.  This will take several weeks to complete.  Ethan and Daniel had a really great idea to include several silly pictures since Franklin was such a funny guy to be around.

Ethan working on grammar.  

Grace is very attached to this cat.  I didn't realize she was such a cat person.  She loves our dogs too, but the cat is just her size.  Last night, Deron had the kids name two things they liked about one another, and the general consensus was that this girl is an animal lover.  To those remarks, she gave two thumbs up and beautifully, bright smile!

Hannah, my generally studious, little learner, is doing her handwriting here. She's wearing her jacket in anticipation of being allowed to go out to the fort they built on Tuesday. The sheet they used as a wall was completely frozen.

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