Saturday, February 22, 2014

Project Life

A new kind of journal...  The girls love to help me look through photos and caption them.  They usually only jot down a few words or draw in a picture.   Hannah will have me write her words and she copies them onto journaling cards.  You can see a little of what the layout looks like in this photo. It's sort of like scrapbook meets photo album meets journal.

I'm working on 2013, as well as 2014. I'm planning to go backwards and continue in the present. So when 2013 is done, I'll work on 2012, and all the while working on the present month. Most of my photos have been in boxes (2001-2005) and on the computer from (2006-present), so I'm printing photos with the photo deals that pop up regularly. But the kids (mainly the girls) have loved looking through pictures, helping me organize them, choosing cards and colors.  The album isn't even filled in all the way, but it's beautiful, and we're loving it as a group project.

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