Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Dear Sweet Grace,

You are my littlest.  My youngest.  My baby who’s not such a baby anymore.  We sure are enjoying this season with you, dear one. It’s been fun and interesting and never, ever dull. 

This has been a year filled with new activities, new experiences, new friends, and giant leaps outside of your comfort zone.  What happened to my shy and bashful little girl?  You’ve turned into quite an expressive and confident young lady.  No longer a preschooler but a grade schooler who is trying new things, talking to new people, and cultivating facets of her personality I didn’t even know about.

You participated in a co-op this year and experienced the realm of an actual “classroom” experience.  You enjoyed classes in nature notebooking, geography, ballet, and sign language.  Next year, you’re voluntarily taking classes separately from Hannah.  Last year, you wanted her in all your classes, but this year, you’re looking forward to some classes based on interests all your own.  The jitters of being left there have turned into smiles and, “See ya later, Mom!” sentiments.

You're growing bigger and taller every day, and besides flu season and the health scare we had with your leg, you've had a relatively healthy year.  You are getting very tall!  You’re still skinny, minny, but your legs have grown at least a foot… And your eyes. Oh your eyes seem bluer than ever before this year.  Your bangs are finally growing out, and you've already gotten a tan this summer.  Just a beautiful little girl, inside and out!

Watching you grow up is exciting and bittersweet.  There are so many firsts for you, lasts for me.  Even with swimming lessons.  I thought we’d need one more refresher session for you this year.  Not so.  You proved me wrong with one cannon ball jump into the deep end.  Little did I know that last year would be our last year of real lessons.  You’re reading more and more, and while I’m still an active participant in that learning experience, you’re proving to be quite a natural in that area.

When did you grow up so much?  And while I want to encourage character and independence, I also want to foster a sense of family and togetherness.  I want you to know what is important and what is NOT.  I just love you so much and I’m so thankful to God that He would bless us with such a time as this.

Happy 6th birthday, my girl!
Love, Mom

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