Monday, July 14, 2014

Vacation 2014

We absolutely love going to Amelia Island!

Our kids are at the perfect age for relaxation at the beach.  They aren't begging to go places.  They are perfectly content to spend hours playing in the waves, perfectly content to spend hours catching little critters while the tide comes in and out.  Deron and I would help them navigate the waves.  We'd watch them play while we sat in our beach chairs, talked, planned, and enjoyed time together.  

We got to the condo Saturday afternoon, went grocery shopping, and walked along the beach to a restaurant our first night.  It's not as much fun walking along the beach in July as it is in May.  We were sweating and tired and decided not to do that again.  It's much hotter at the end of June/beginning of July than it is Memorial Day week.  

The entire week was filled with spending hours at the beach and hours at the pool...That was it.  Not much but just what we needed.

The fireworks on the fourth were amazing.  People were all over the place, shooting off fireworks...literally, everywhere...  Right beside us, people were shooting off very large, very powerful fireworks.  They weren't little sparklers.  They were huge; they were loud.  Grace was not impressed...

The week ended far too quickly.  I could have stayed a bit longer.

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