Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Fun

October was a phenomenal month!  Beautiful weather, and I'm pretty sure the leaves all changed into the most beautiful colors overnight!  The weather cooled off so much that I'm looking forward to the electric bill...  Well, "looking forward to" may be a stretch, but I'm certainly not dreading it. 

Last Friday, we carved our pumpkin and roasted the seeds. And by we, I mean Deron. He carved it. I tried and failed miserably. He scored a bunch of daddy points with that. However, I roasted the seeds, and I felt like a pretty accomplished mama while the kiddos munched on the fruit of our labor.  Ethan and Daniel were pretty grossed out trying to help clean it all out, though. The seeds were really good, and roasting them was much easier than I thought it'd be. They tasted kinda like homemade chex mix.
That afternoon, we did fall coloring pages and word searches, and then, the little rascals spent the afternoon making leaf piles and playing "leaf fireworks." It was the best!

We headed out to the pumpkin patch with our church family Sunday afternoon and got lost in the corn maze! (Not really.  We didn't brave the adult maze.  We walked around the kiddie maze.) I have been The kids have been eating waaay too much of all the candy I've managed to buy on the cheap. Rationing the goodies is difficult especially since I buy the good stuff. No boring candy in this house. It's hard enough for me to restrain myself. I don't expect miracles from the kids. Note to self: Hide the candy. Maybe if I move it, it'll be less of a temptation. Seriously.

Since the weather has cooled off, mornings on the front porch with Deron have become crisp and perfect for our pipin' hot cups of coffee and a cozy blanket! Honestly, it's perfect. Just perfect.

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