Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Snaggle-tooth Boys

Daniel lost two teeth in two days, and Ethan joined him yesterday!  I wonder what foods I should be preparing for their toothless mouths to enjoy...


Hannah has been pretty dissappointed that she hasn't lost a tooth, yet.  She's been so upset, and there's no reasoning with her.  A couple weeks ago she was distraught because she didn't know how to fly, and there was nothing I could say to talk her down from the completely unreasonable position she'd taken.

(P.S. I got my Christmas gifts- 1. a new "cyber-cheap" camera to get me by until I can get what I really which point my children will be old enough to be completely uninterested in my gadgets. and 2. a new keyboard for my laptop because the girls had popped off over half of my keys so I rarely typed anything at length!  They had better not even touch these keys... grrrr.)

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