Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goal: Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

One of my goals this New Year is to step outside my comfort zone and try a few new-to-me things.

One of which is to really let my chillins in the kitchen with me. The “fun, memory making” mom in me wants to let loose and let them try their hand in there…within reason, of course! The “let’s get it done” mom in me wants to hurry through cooking by myself. It’s faster and easier and cleaner and faster and easier without all the extra hands. {sigh}

My mom gave me an awesome calendar for Christmas called Cooking with Kids. It has monthly recipes that give the children tasks during meal preparation. I get lost in what I want the kids to do because I think too far into the clean-up process. However, there are skills to be learned all over the kitchen for any age. Meal prep and clean up are life lessons that go hand in hand, and if my little chefs participate in one aspect, they shall participate in the other.

We’ll see how it goes…
(Photo by Erin O'Quinn!)

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