Thursday, June 16, 2011

SuperFun Summer

I have to say, we've been having a blast this summer!  Between the swimming lessons and the karate practice and the library's awesome summer reading program, we've been oddly busy but in a good way.  I'm very much an advocate of not doing too much and being home more, but it has been such a nice break from the norm.  We're still tackling reading lessons...gently...very gently, but that's it. 

And we're doing a lot of reading aloud which has been wonderful.  All four children hang around our living room or the picnic table outside listening to whatever book I'm reading out loud.  Right now, we're reading Ginger Pye, which is a really cute story.  We're also reading the Adventures in Odyssey Imagination Station books.  We started the first one yesterday, and they begged me to finish it.  Literally, begged!

We're swimming in our little pool a lot and eating snacks outside and building obscure clubs and forts.  We're hunting fireflies at night and eating ice cream for dessert.  The kids found the weirdest looking, gigantic bug.  I'll probably have to take a picture at some point. 

I've been purging our house of excess stuff and trying to deep clean the house.  It needed it.  I found a place to donate books, clothes, toys, and small items where I don't have to haul all the children inside.  I'll be cleaning out my chest freezer and putting up fruit over the next week.  Peaches are coming in to our local farmer's market, and I just got a ton of strawberries on sale.  Corn and peas aren't in yet, but I don't know how well they did this year. So we'll see. 

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