Saturday, September 24, 2011

The girl with the broken tooth

Poor Grace. 

She was not herself September 16-17.  She was in obvious pain and whinier than your average three-year-old.  I couldn't figure it out. I went through a number of scenarios in my head.  "My mouth mouth hurts..." was all she could say.  Tylenol didn't help.  Motrin didn't help.  Nothing seemed to help.  Finally, about 8:00 at night, I took her to the local pediatric urgent care.  All we could see was that one of her teeth looked funny.  It just didn't look right, so the doctor gave her a prescription for Lortab and an antibiotic for possible infection since it looked likely.  She also had a constant low grade fever despite all the Tylenol and Motrin. 

I was so thankful for the prescription, but narcotic pain medicine does funny things to a three-year-old.  She was hilarious but feeling no pain.  She started randomly talking about all the things she liked and all the people she liked and why she liked them and then proceeded to ask Deron when he got all that hair on his face.  (note that he's always had a gotee...ever since she's been on the planet, that is)  She giggled like she hadn't giggled all day. It was past midnight, but she was feeling good.

At the ER, a little girl had broken her leg and they were trying to set it or something.  The poor girl was screaming, and Grace's little lip was quivering as she listened to the girl in pain.  She kept screaming, not wanting any morphine.  And Grace didn't want to cry in front of the nurse.  She fought back silent tears and decided she didn't like that boy who poked around in her mouth...the doctor was a male.  She glared at him when we walked past and remarked how much better she like the girl with the dark hair...her nurse who didn't look in her mouth at all...  Poor doc got a bad rap with Grace...

After x-rays at the dentist Monday morning, we found out that her tooth has completely broken into two parts.  Not just cracked but broken.  Infection had set in, so we were to continue with antibiotics and schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist a.s.a.p..  She goes Wednesday the 28th.  The options are a crown depending on how far apart the pieces are or pulling them out. We'll see. 

She hasn't been on pain meds for several days.  The more the antibiotics get into her system working on the infection, the better she feels.

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