Monday, October 17, 2011

Apple Pickin' 2011

We didn't actually pick any apples.  The weather was beautiful that day.  Sunny, windy, warm. But the place was crazy crowded. So we chose some apples off the table inside the apple and produce barn.  The air smelled like apples, though, so we pretended we had picked them off the actual trees.  Next year, we're going to try and go a little earlier in the season and plan to stay a bit longer.
(Left)Trying to get them all to pose and smile with the amount of commotion going on around them was difficult.  Daniel was trying to eat all the strawberry ice cream before he had to share. (Below) Grace perched in her favorite spot.

That week during our family unit study time, we read every book I could find in our library about apples.  The boys pretended not to be as interested as they really were.  They're always like that when I'm doing a preschool-type unit study.  We talked about who else but Johnny Appleseed.  I thought about apples, dreamed about apple pie.  I was disappointed in how crowded it was at the farm, but we did let the kids help pick out the apples, take pictures, and ride the slide.  Well, three out of the four rode the slide.  Daniel didn't really want to do it. Go figure.  He's usually my little dare-devil.  Ethan took Grace by the hand because the climb was a bit steep.  He's such a good big brother to his sisters.

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