Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daniel!

My sweet Daniel,

My, how seven years has flown by!  In a nutshell, you're a crazy little nut who keeps me laughing...and makes me want to pull my hair out and run screaming to the hills...but mostly, you keep me laughing.

I think you've grown a foot this year, and you're solid as a rock.  You've developed a fascination with acrobatics, hand stands, and flipping around like a crazy man.  You like to break dance to any song you can find with a funky beat, and I continuously wonder where on earth you learned how to contort your body into the strange formations you seem so fond of.  But again, you make me laugh and smile, and I hope I will always remember how you were able to do all the crazy things you do.

This year is your first official school year, and you're far more focused with your schoolwork.  As long as I have stuff for you to do, you're busy with it.  You still seem to have ants in your pants and can't quite sit still while you do your work, but you're doing it and doing your best while you're at it.  Such a breath of fresh air it is to see your good attitude regarding your studies.

Photo credit- Laura Roush Photography
And for the most special thing of all... you wanted to join the church this year.  After our annual meeting and communion service, you quietly told us that you thought you wanted to be in the church.  The fact that you wanted to whisper it in my ear told me this time was very different than all the times you've had questions in the past.  We asked you what made you want to join and had the preacher said something that had it on your mind.  You replied with the story of a preacher's dream...He was watching soldier beating Jesus, and he ran to try and stop the soldier from hurting Jesus.  But when he turned the soldier around, it was himself...You told me you felt like you were the soldier.  You told me you felt so bad for the way you treat people sometimes.  And for days, you'd come to me every time you did something you felt bad about.

You were antsy about being baptized but told me how much better you felt afterwards.  It was a very special day for you and for us as we had the privilege of seeing you baptized into the Old Baptist Church.

You are precious to us, and I'm thankful the Lord saw fit to bless us with you.

Love you, Daniel

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