Monday, October 24, 2011

GA Aquarium

So we started our homeschool year planning to study Flying Creatures first semester and Swimming Creatures second semester, but our bird population has dropped, dropped, dropped.  Their absence was messing up all the planned experiments.

So we're switching midstream to Swimming Creatures.  We went on a field trip to the GA Aquarium, and it was awesome.  We may have to go again before we're done with this study.  It was very crowded, and I wonder if it's always so crowded.  I'd like to get in there and go a little slower next time.  I'd like to get the kids to really look and observe all the amazing creatures that are in there.  It's a spectacular sight!

We went through each exhibit except one, and we watched the dolphin show.  Amazing!  We'd just completed an impromptu study on dolphins getting ready to go see Dolphin Tale which was a very good movie, by the way. 

The only problem we had was when the beluga whales kept going to the bathroom, and Daniel started giving everyone the play by play.  He's not quiet either...Everyone, and I do mean everyone, heard the play by play, and the kids laughed and laughed.  But the adults kept giving me looks that said, "Don't you teach your kids any manners?"  Bodily functions are just hilarious to kids, but the whales were everything...everything was big.  I have to admit that it was kinda funny.
We'd just finished reading Mr. Popper's Penguins, so seeing the penguins was very appropriate...even if they were African penguins rather than Arctic penguins.  They were very cute swimming and playing.  The only problem was the high school kids who were completely oblivious to everything going on around them.  They crowded the "crawl through penguin viewing area" that is meant for children.  I was getting irritated with them...

The kids enjoyed everything.  We had an amazing time!  The dolphin show made me want to become a trainer one day...

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