Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Days 2014

We didn't have a huge chance of snow.  It was 30%, I think.  I told the kids that it might snow.  Maybe.  We finished our school day by 12:30, and then, it started.  The flakes were few and far between, but they quickly changed and increased in volume.  It was beautiful.  The poor kids wanted to play immediately.  They bundled up...we all bundled up and let the snow land on our tongues.

The snow covered the ground in no time.  It fell steadily for hours, and the kids enjoyed almost every minute of it...

In and out.  Freeze and thaw.  Make snow angels...before there's enough snow to make snow angels.  Throw snowballs...well, half snow-half pine straw and clay.  I convinced them to come inside for a little while and let the snow accumulate.  It took convincing, but I lured them inside with hot chocolate and mom ever.  We warmed up, dried all our wet clothes, bundled back up, and headed back out.

They built snowmen, got under trees, shook them, and pretended they were in a blizzard.  I took pictures and helped with the teeny, tiny snowman Hannah wanted to keep in the freezer.  We made colonial "maple cream" and Hannah used sticks to hold her snowman together.  She said the sticks were just like bones for the snowman.  The homeschool mom in me was so proud that she made the connection.

I tried to be a fun mom.  I helped push the girls down the snow in a plastic box.  I let them throw snowballs at me, and I screamed on cue when the boys touched my neck with frozen fingers.  They were thrilled and I offered more hot chocolate. Snow days are awesome!  The last couple of days have changed our pace.  We've enjoyed our time together and I have been very thankful for our nice warm house.  There has been a multitude of craziness only an hour away from us.  People stranded and traffic completely halted.  It has been a mess and I am so thankful for being home, safe, and warm.

However, I'm not terribly up for frigid weather and have been thinking and planning and dreaming about which beach we hope to visit this summer...  

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