Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Football fan

Daniel has become quite the football fan.  We've spent several afternoons looking up the history of the Super Bowl.  He scans the scores to see which games were awesome...not boring. Not like this year.  Then, we look up highlights from those games and check to see if there are any clips on You Tube.  

He wants to know the UGA stats.  When is the first game?  Who will be playing?  Are they any good?  Will this be a good year for GA?  He asks me questions I have no idea how to answer.  I love to watch a good game which is surprising because I used to be completely indifferent to football, but even now, I couldn't explain the game.  I'm learning, but he is learning faster than me.  He's a smart little cookie, that one.

"When does football season start?  Like when is the first GA game?"

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