Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Adventures in Parenting or Potty Training Gone Bad

All of my kids are potty-trained, except at night, and have been for some time now.  (We're working on the nighttime thing.).  It feels like a new era, and there haven't been any accidents for quite a while.  It's weird and wonderful and very bittersweet.  I don't miss the diapers, but I really miss having a baby around.

Fast forward.  We went to Kroger...all of us, and I don't really like bringing the whole gang with me when I go grocery shopping.  They can ruin a grocery budget like nobody's business.  We had gotten all that we needed and then some and headed to the checkout lane.  Deron took the kids over to the Redbox...all except Grace.  He let her stay with me.  She sat down in the little grocery cart car.  She got out to stand by me.  She sat back down and stood back up.  Uncharacteristic.  Then, she asked me to hold her.

All the sudden, my shirt was warm and wet.  I know she did not just... Yep. She did.  After many a day of no accidents, she had one in the checkout lane at Kroger, and I was alone.  Great.  I didn't know what to do.  It would not have been an easy task to abandon ship and get to the restroom.  Then, I saw Deron and signaled to him that I needed him to hurry and haul the chillins out to the van.  I know people thought I was crazy.  The lady behind me said she had a two-year-old and that she knew how it was.  Then, she saw the other three kids walk up with Deron, and she gave me this look that said, "Lady, you've got three other kids.  Don't you know how it is?"

She's never had an accident in the store.  Of course.  And she's normally very good about telling me when she needs to go.  Normally.

Then, we rode over to CVS for me to run in and grab a few things.  She had just gone all over me in Kroger, and Deron had changed her into clean clothes.  She always says she has to go in CVS because they have to unlock the door for us.  Well, she said she had to go, and we were positive that she was just saying it because she wanted to go inside.  She wasn't.  She wasn't finished, apparently.  Well, she finished all over her new clothes and in the van.  {sigh}

We went home and Grace sat, naked as a little jay-bird, wrapped up in a little Kroger bag.  Good times.

Moral of the story: I'm so glad we bought a carpet and upholstery cleaner.  Some of the best money we've ever spent.


Beth said...

Bless you heart! Yesterday I took Becca to Wal-mart by myself, I was in a big hurry. I asked before we left if she had to go, but she did not. SO after I grabbed a few things she announced she had to go. By the look on her face you could tell it was urgent! You should have seen me racing to the bathroom, I bet people thought I was crazy :)

jeni said...

We have ALL been there! So sorry it happened, but thanks for sharing the laugh!

Mam-ma said...

Well... if Grace reads this column in a few years, you will be in BIG trouble Mom!!