Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hannah: The Little Karate Girl

Hannah wants to be a little karate girl.  Not really.  She says she does, but I'm pretty sure she just wants to be like her brothers.  She said she'd like to take lessons if she could wear a princess gown. 

She is so cute when they're in class.  She stands on the edge of the mat trying to do whatever they're doing.  From running laps to push-ups to leg swings.  She tries.  She has a good time, and she watches.  I call out laps for her and Grace.

I try to tell the boys that they'll always be an example to someone.  It's up to them whether they are a good example or a bad example.  My prayer is that they'll try to be a good one.  They have precious eyes watching...precious hands imitating...Grace then imitates Hannah.  Such a cycle. 

Hannah watches the boys, and Grace watches Hannah.  They all watch us.  May the Lord be ever with us.

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Tara said...

That is so sweet! It was so good seeing your precious family at the our meeting. I could not believe how much they have all grown.