Thursday, February 10, 2011

To the dentist we go...

I took the oldest three children to the dentist Monday.  They did great.  Hannah was very impressed with it all.  She especially liked the sucking straw.  The dental hygienist could barely get her teeth cleaned for Hannah sucking her spit out with the little straw thing.  She was very quiet.  Very quiet.  She was finished first, and we went to watch Ethan get his teeth cleaned.  His only problem was swallowing the fluoride. 

Daniel was next.  It was tough to get his x-rays.  He tried to sit very still, but x-rays are interesting and curious boys have a hard time sitting still.  I had visions of what it must have been like for Curious George at the dentist.  I, now, have true empathy for the man with the yellow hat.

Daniel was my only child with a cavity.  I felt like I'd gotten a bad grade on my report card.  Not really.  But I do hate that he's got to go back.  We'll all go back next week to have it filled.  And by all, I mean all.  I really hate carting everyone to the doc's office.  At least he can go in by himself.  He's so big now.

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