Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Grace- My Littlest Peanut

When the kids were coming along, and we were having ultrasounds constantly, we used to joke that they looked like little peanuts.  You know, before you could see all their tiny arms and legs, they were our sweet, tiny peanuts.

Grace is still my itty, bitty, little peanut.  She's taller now but not much bigger around.

She's my painfully shy girl, but in some ways, she's quite a free spirited little thing.  She's, also, quite the comedian and spent one Sunday morning drive to church imitating a radio commercial.  She used an incredibly exaggerated Southern accent to sell some Kias.

She is deathly afraid of spiders.  She can handle most other critters, but she will burst into uncontrollable tears at the sight of one.  She won't even come in the house if she sees a spider in her path.  She'll wait and let someone carry her.

She's a spunky, youngest child, and she unfortunately, seems to command attention from her siblings.  They give in to her whims too often.  I think we're creating a spoiled little monster.

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