Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Fun Stuff: History, Art, Science

I just love studying the Middle Ages. This is our second run through of this time period since we switched our core curriculum to Sonlight a couple of years ago.   We're reading Robin Hood aloud, and Ethan is reading some fictional book about this time period for his literature.

I think this will be the core idea behind their fall project.  We'll brainstorm some great history projects today while we're picking up Deron from the airport.  Maybe they'll build a castle and create an information board.  Maybe we'll do some art and have a feast.  If there's food involved, the boys are in.  I can't imagine what it will be like when they're all teenagers.

I would really like to find accurate, church history for this time period. That would round out the study very nicely.

We're, also, wrapping up our first science unit of the year...Answers in Genesis: Our Universe.  Their books are amazing!  I can get all four children involved because it's a multilayered approach.  The girls are doing the same content, only a little more on their levels.  They're about to spend time building a solar system.

I love getting the art supplies out.  They will work very hard and really spend a good bit of time doing something if art is involved.  It's like they don't see it as work.  One of my pet peeves is doing the bare minimum.  I know, technically, the directions were followed, but I know what my kids are capable of.  I don't want to raise children to become adults who do the bare minimum.  Whatever they do, I want them doing it the best way they know how.

We're starting an Election 2012 Unit Study next week, and it will wrap up as they accompany us to the polls to vote in November.  We will definitely be covering the appropriate way to behave at the polls as it has certainly been an interesting couple of months in the realm of politics.

And we're doing language arts and math...every it or not.  I see improvement, but they don't get as interested in these subjects.  They do it because they have to.  And they're learning steadily, climbing upward, slowly but surely, one rung at the time.

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